Business Challenges
  Are goals focused at the strategic level only or you can find it reflected in the operations?

Do your organizations seeks a practical framework to improve business processes in order to reduce costs, capture lost revenue and achieving growth?

Do you object to achieve quantifiable improvements by minimizing inefficiencies, improving decision-making processes across your company's entire supply chain ?

Are you looking to transform service delivery through shared service deliver or service re-design?

Do you need assistance to manage the transformation of your procurement function to be more efficient and productive by applying different transformation strategies?

Do you need a combination of a comprehensive business understanding with practical operations expertise in diverse industries to be transferred to your entity to achieve operations excellency?

We have served all leading clients in the region increasing our expertise across a wide range of industries, achieving a great impact through flexible, tailored solutions delivered by senior experts and a suite of unique proprietary resources, ranging from rapid diagnostic tools to on-site training facilities .

We enabled sustainable improvement to business performance by building capabilities, engaging with all levels and functions within the organization, and emphasizing continuous learning and cross-sector community building.

We will help their clients to transform their value chain functions, from customer management through to sourcing of services and goods achieving an advanced integrated supply chain.

We apply proven cost management methodologies to facilitate business growth.

LOGIC  support their clients to improve value, reduce waste and reduce costs to leave lasting sustainable benefit
Latest Thinking
  Executives know that responding quickly and appropriately to changing conditions is the key to long term business success. For an organization to prosper, it is important to invest in innovative new products, sales channels and marketing strategies. However, what you deliver to the market is not the only concern. To maintain market share, build customer loyalty, and achieve profitability over the long term, how you deliver it may prove to be the most important consideration of all.

Efficient business models will be an even greater source of competitive advantage than new products and services in the foreseeable future. To remain competitive, organizations need to continually assure efficiency in operations by optimizing costs, timescales and resources.

This is a simple truth that bears repeating – when it comes to business, performance matters.

This is why many businesses emphasize the importance of business process management and use it to create competitive advantage. Organizations that manage their operational processes with an eye to continuous improvement not only reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve quality... they enhance their ability to grow.

Identifying improvements is a huge challenge for most organizations. Defining and implementing the right strategies to reduce costs and increase efficiency is essential, but it is not a simple undertaking. Companies frequently under- or over-estimate the impact of change. Ensuring that operational changes will lead to tangible improvements in business performance requires practical, achievable solutions that drive change across the whole of the business.

Yet, too many organizations have had experience with projects that failed to deliver sustained benefits.

When change is based on holistic business process management, it enables decision makers to analyze the effects of improvement strategies and measure their contribution to business performance. Companies with efficient, responsive operations make the most of growth opportunities and fare best in times of market stress. While their competitors are reacting, these process-oriented companies respond.

We are committed to creating pragmatic real world solutions for clients and to being partners in their success. Our track record is proof of that commitment.

Sherif Ali Hassan

Co-Founder & CEO

LOGIC Operations Consulting

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