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  LOGIC  served the industry in the region with engagements spanning almost every major vehicle system and assembly.

Our Industry solution served passenger car, trucks and buses, automotive distribution and retail. We’ve worked with major regional automobile and commercial-vehicle manufacturers .

LOGIC  combine hands-on experience in automotive, engineering, and related disciplines with broad training in business management. We have deep functional expertise in nearly every aspect of the value chain,manufacturing, purchasing and supply, as well as branding, distribution, and retailing. Furthermore, we apply our perspective on the influence of new technologies.
  Automotive Transformation Solution
      Industry overview

It has been observed in various growing economies of the world that automotive sector enjoys a considerable share o GDP, exports, investment in the R & D section and obviously a growing industry. If this industry would have been in risk at any point of time, it would mean that the jobs of thousands of people would be in jeopardy. In the Middle East sector, the automotive industry experiences trade and investment restrictions in local tariffs, and quotas.

These regulations and restrictions work in favor of the local automobile manufacturers who get a chance to develop their products before they face unrivaled competition from the famous automobile producers and dealers that have years of excellence and offer automobiles and its relevant services for lower cost. Yet there are some shortcomings for complete optimization of regional automobile industry. Finding appropriate location for assembly plants, the per unit manufacturing cost and appropriate market opportunities creates complications.

  Case study

  Client information.

A regional group through its subsidiaries, engages in the assembly, distribution, and sale of passenger cars, as well as commercial vehicles, such as heavy trucks, semi-trucks, buses, mini buses, micro buses, and agriculture tractors. It also manufactures semi-trailers and super-structures for trucks and buses; sells automotive components, two-and three-wheelers, tires, and construction equipment, and provides after-sales service through a nation-wide after sales service network. In addition, the company offers public passenger and private freight transport services. It serves retail consumers, transportation companies, private sector companies, schools and universities, construction companies and various governmental authorities and agencies in the region.

  Solutions delivered

The measure of success of the project has been the significant increase in the LOGIC eight dimension business transformation audit score, from the initial assessment phase through to the final audits undertaken .The results for all sites were finalized at 2.1 out of 4.0 upgrading the business competitiveness level to operate in multinational markets. Lean Manufacturing pillars delivered by LOGIC provided both the largest satisfaction at improving Quality and Delivery trends while reducing internal Costs. The results demonstrated the much improved O.E.E (over all equipment effectiveness) trends and demonstrated the effectiveness of the planned operation , by default it implies an increasing trend in quality performance, machine availability and productivity. This measure which has increased in all sites illustrates the ability to produce what is required, at the right quality level, with reducing costs .The highlighted improvements included 6% increase in sales and production of twin tipper bodies and trailers

  Results achieved


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