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LOGIC  insight works on creating knowledge rather than just providing the client with only data and information.

We are also known to our client’s in this industry for being able to identify their questions or diagnose their problems in addition to being the only regional consultants that offers a complete innovation journey from insight and ideation to testing and monitoring and a unique learning on what makes products work.

One of LOGIC  insight’s edges is that the majority of its research team comes from an extensive marketing background, this enables them to translate the research findings to action oriented results that best serves their clients

LOGIC  have an intensive experience in
implementing programs to improve skills in core production, supply chain, and supply management, identify and  optimizing the manufacturing logistics network and inventory management, reducing the complexity of raw-materials sourcing, and strengthening the value-added role of purchasing.

LOGIC  implemented ethnographic , positioning, advertising brand and new product development  research together with usage and attitudes studies in this industry creating knowledge rather than just providing the client with only data and information  

LOGIC  implemented supply chain optimization solutions focus on identifying and implementing supply chain improvements, assisting Consumer Goods clients in transforming their operations to drive competitive advantage formulating cross-enterprise teams to coordinate processes  between client and suppliers to optimize order management and warehouse management.

  Consumer Goods & Services Transformation Solution
      Industry overview

Consumer goods industry comprises a major portion of Middle East market with amazing opportunities for investment and changing consumer trends that dictates the emergence of consumer goods market. If you are part of the Middle East or Africa, you will understand how the western influences have changed consumer lifestyles. Consumer goods analysts conduct demographic studies to determine the trends of consumer products.

However, with the emergence of various micro segments, there is a need to redesign further product categories based on demographics. Besides that, consumers are also affected by spending trends. In some regions, for instance customers spend less whereas, in other regions, the customers continue to spend more money on purchasing commodities. This creates the need for the consumer goods companies to devise a more focused approach towards market segmentation.

  Case study

  Client information

One of the biggest global consumer goods companies planned to implement a good purchasing practices to integral to business success,  few factors were as vital in ensuring sound purchasing methodologies as the selection of quality suppliers. Indeed, finding good suppliers and maintaining solid relations with them can be an invaluable tool in the quest for business success and expansion.

  Solutions delivered

LOGIC was engaged by this company to manage simultaneous execution of total reform in 11 suppliers in different manufacturing fields; printing and packaging, food manufacturing, cans manufacturing and plastic packaging fields. This was a sizable challenge, which required careful planning, and meticulous project management. Additionally, the engagement involved the active daily participation of a large number of local and international experts in different fields and of different backgrounds.
The more sizable challenge was to enlist the commitment and conviction of the suppliers to implement the required change, which in several cases called for layout alterations. In the end, reforms were implemented and all strategic suppliers achieved the audit score required to become regional suppliers.
The results – simply translated into figures – were an increase in production capacity by a minimum of 30% within each operation, reduction of delivery time by 20%, and increase in net profits by an average of 7%.

  Results achieved



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