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  LOGIC  manage the most challenging issues facing public services and governments today which is how to use IT effectively and cost-efficiently to improve their operations and systems.

Information technology is a critical tool for enabling the government to deliver more and higher-quality services to more constituents.

LOGIC  have developed a distinctive solution for IT infrastructure transformation, IT architecture, IT Security and process automation. Governments are responsible for delivering products or services to their citizens on a massive scale. Accordingly LOGIC  works with public-sector and government clients to improve their operations.

Public Service & Government Transformation Solutions
       Industry overview

Although, there is a lack of growth in the public service and government sector, this industry has a massive impact on human life and their requirements. Human behavior is spontaneous to various actions in the surroundings and if those actions influence a citizen’s life, its influence will be reflected in their behavior.

  Case study

   Client information.

One of the biggest investment group in the world diversified international conglomerate, incorporating investments in over 40 countries worldwide. The group impacts on almost every sector of economic life, including public sector, trade, real-estate, finance, healthcare, transportation, maintenance and operations. The contribution of this client in the governmental services and operation projects expanded to cover transportation and air navigation. Its investments cover a wide range of economic and business activities in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America.

   Solutions delivered

LOGIC implemented business management systems that are aligned with the goals and strategic direction of the country’s government. These systems scope is to operate, maintain the traffic department processes and the management of its respective traffic violation processing system.

LOGIC increased quality and overall efficiency of the violation processing centre, implemented all international standards requirements, provided enterprise ability and data management for decision making support. LOGIC implemented effective support and maintenance system with records and statistical process control and sustained the ability of continual improvement.



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