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  Optimal performance requires a high degree of strategic alignment. Strategic planning provides the vision, direction and goals for the organization, and the implementation of strategy is of great importance.

Companies undertake strategy implementation programs as a structured method to convert strategic goals into managed changes and ensure that the intent and objectives of the strategy are achieved.

Strategy execution is a systematic means of exposing reality and then acting upon it. It’s common knowledge that the heart of execution lies within people, strategy and operations- the three basic governing factors.

Even the most successful strategies could crumple if they are not effectively monitored or are not properly executed. This is where strategy execution practice comes into play. LOGIC Operations Consultants will offer an effective strategy execution uniformly throughout the organization.

Operating conditions are not always favorable for performance and growth. Organizations recognize the value of proactive management of risk and are increasingly using risk management to create competitive advantage. Organizations that manage their operational processes with an eye to continuity and balanced preventative mitigation not only reduce disruption costs, they can increase efficiency, and establish a confident resilience... protecting investment and assuring their ability to grow.

For each engagement, we design a customized approach that leverages the best of our know-how, resources and methodologies. We bring extensive experience to bear in defining an approach that always considers strategic objectives, operating parameters, performance improvement, management information and risk mitigation.

We customize our approach according to customer requirements following an evaluation of current state. Our objective is always to construct a pragmatic, integrated and effective solution.

  Operational Due Diligence
  LOGIC Operations Consulting assists corporate and financial clients in identifying, initiating and evaluating potential transactions. We participate in both buy-side and sell-side transaction, mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances, joint ventures and outsourcing services contracts.

Operational Due Diligence assures that large business transactions are executed with transparency, accuracy and proper insight. Our solutions focus on the operational aspects of a business, uncovering both the risks and opportunities inherent in a deal. These risk and opportunities may include: deferred investments in systems and infrastructure, unrealistic improvement programs, cost savings opportunities, and working capital improvements that result from better management of accounts receivable, accounts payable, and inventory.

We conduct data room reviews, interviews, walkthroughs and analysis to produce a comprehensive due diligence report, supported by verifiable references, guided by appropriate standards and regulation, along with guidance on the handling of key risks and control gaps.

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