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  We have experience in helping clients improve their total productive manufacturing in different plastic molding technologies including injection and blow molding we have solutions for improving cost effectiveness together with customer satisfactions by improving quality and delivery time

LOGIC  developed a shared vision for change and improvement through LOGIC  strategy execution solutions with its relevant client’s taking the industry benchmarking as the key input covering all industry categories achieving downtime reduction, cycle times optimization, quality improvement, efficiency improvement and rework/recycle reduction

  Plastic Transformation Solution
  Industry overview

While packing industry is a diverse market, the scope of plastic packaging in another undeniable reality. Most of the consumer goods are packed in plastic packaging around the world. Plastic makes the product easy to carry or use. In the middle east region, accumulation of unwanted waste poses a great threat to the environment which results from insufficient or improper packaging for storage or goods transportation. This goes on to emphasize the importance of plastic material for packaging.

Moreover, when the world is shrinking into a global village, it’s no longer wise to restrict your business activities only to the national market. In today’s world, the packaging of products must be determined according to the global trends. Also, the company competing in the international market will not just have an opportunity to present its product line to the international market but will be under great pressure to reconsider its cost. Other factors to consider include product development, manufacturing and logistics. Plastic packaging industry can experience a better growth when modern Information Technology tools are implemented and they are processed through a well-designed supply chain.

  Case study

   Client information.

A plastic pack company a member of a big regional group formed in 1996 for blow moulding and injection moulding. The company has two business units, one unit producing blow moulded bottles and jerkins for the food and oil sectors, the other for electric producing injection moulded containers, lids and caps. The company was a major supplier for global multinational FMCG companies facing a big challenge in coping with customer complicated requirements.

   Solutions delivered

LOGIC implemented the whole manufacturing optimization frame work model on the client adding a tremendous flexibility and reliability to the clients business achieving a change over time reduction by more than 60% .Optimizing stock values and increasing inventory turnover by 12% . LOGIC Developed combination charts to reduce waste and produce S.O.P(standard operating procedure) and improving cycle time by 9%.

   Results achieved



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