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  The establishment of IT systems within an organization is indeed a challenging procedure where all the IT requirements of a company have to be analyzed and an ideal solution has to be devised that could meet the existing Information Technology trends.

LOGIC Operations Consulting can create performance indicators to identify the company’s current efficiency.

Once the areas of improvement are identified, we introduce IT systems that are easy in use and reduces the overall cost of the management. The only investment that our clients are required to do is in the form of networking, hardware or software installation cost. Some of the deliverables in technology management are as follows:

  Increasing IT performance of an
   organization by manifolds
  Reducing the cost involved in IT
   system maintenance by either
   redesigning or doing major
   changes in the system
  Formulating IT processes that
   goes in line with the company’s
  Conducting system audits to
   check IT infrastructure complies
   with the company’s legal

The installation of information technology practice is inevitable in today’s world whether we are talking about government or private institutions.

You need an appropriate IT infrastructure throughout your organization so that information can be shared between departments which in turn improve operational efficiency and drives way to business progress.

The main purpose here is to install an effective IT solution after complete coordination with the client to understand their company strategy.

At times, there are some self operating clusters within an organization that carry out their own processes.

For an organization, creating a balance between information technology tools management and its integration with self operating groups can become a quite challenging task.

This is precisely the reason why you will need an organization that can understand your business needs and bring the technical expertise to assist you. If you have hired the services of LOGIC Operations consulting, you will be able to provide better leverage to your clients.
Enterprise Resource Planning
  When an organization works on IT infrastructure, important data will be shared between different departments in an organization. Through enterprise resource planning, we plan to implement a strategy across the company for the tracking and sharing of valuable data such as

  Finance and accounting data along with cash management, budgeting and     
   consolidation Human resources data that involves employee payroll, policies, 
   benefits and information on training and recruitment
  Manufacturing data that carries information on inventory, product listing,
   billing, capacity and workflow management
  With an effective transactional system from LOGIC, you can obtain    customized reporting or your business

Customer Relationship Management
  Every lead that comes your way is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss and this is the reason why companies invest in customer relationship management. In order to steer your organization through tough times, you need to follow up on every lead and your customer interaction. For all your CRM needs, we offer customer service and support, sales force automation and analytics. For understanding the benefits of our CRM solution, read on
   Organizational efficiency is enhanced within limited cost expenses
   Aimed at attracting potential clients and then providing them the right solution
   Our data management system improves the process of decision making

Business Process Management
  LOGIC  Operations Consulting can utilize business process management to make your organization’s work flow more effective and adapted to an ever-changing business environment. The main goal of business process management is to reduce human error and any problems resulting from miscommunication. The five basic components of BPM are:

   Process analysis and project scoping
   Process modeling and design formulation
   Process Optimization
   Support and Maintenance
   Simulation, testing and monitoring

Corporate Performance Management
  We see Corporate Performance (CPM) as a key operations strategy. It includes all the methods, metrics, processes and systems that are used to control and monitor the performance of companies.

With Corporate Performance Management, you can manage your business more effectively and productively. The initiatives of individual departments are brought into line and aligned with the common corporate strategy.

Corporate Performance Management combines the perspective of past-related business - Intelligence - (BI) solutions by integrating monitoring (present) and Planning / Forecasting - solutions (future) in a "closed - loop".

Our CPM solution analyze, consolidate, schedule, monitor and update the enterprise-wide data from different sources. To make the management decisions based on cutting-edge and more comprehensive information.

The benefits:

  Business Modeling
  Budgeting / Consolidation
  Rolling forecasts
  Business planning (strategic, tactical, operational)
  Investment control by modular implementation
  Web integration / Web-based information distribution
  Event Monitoring / "Event Management"
  Consistent data view of the entire company
  Ongoing business performance monitoring
  Balanced score carding / dash boarding
  Comprehensive Reporting / Reporting
  Multidimensional Data Analysis


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