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  LOGIC  provided the telecom industry with unique expertise, diagnostics, and business process reengineering models and technology ERP Solutions that help deliver on their customer value proposition as well as identify and rationalize operational investments to improve margins and process efficiency focusing on finance, HR and procurement.

We provide direct support and business process & systems solutions to telecommunication turnkey providers, which led in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of network operations and improving capability building.

LOGIC  build capabilities in client organizations achieving sustained and substantial business transformation impact improving service operations by applying lean principles and dynamic dispatching.

LOGIC  improved margins by applying a holistic approach to cost base lining and to initiatives prioritization, build capabilities in the procurement function to enable clients to realize cost savings across various categories
  Telecommunications Transformation Solution
    As in various other parts of the world, the telecom sector in the Middle East is showing exponential growth trends. However, there are a few organizations responsible for operating telecommunication sector. Despite various hindrances, this land has offered prospective future for the investors of telecom sector. Undoubtedly, the size of markets is small which proves greater scope for the expansion of this industry.

  Case study

  Client information

Telecommunication turnkey service provider leader in the middle east and Africa with over 15 years experience serving top-class multi-national customers for their wireless networks (GSM, CDMA, 3G, WiMax). Covering site acquisition, site survey, engineering & design, site construction, supply & erection of telecom towers and fully equipped shelters, installation & commissioning of telecom equipment and rigging (BTS, MW, etc.), maintenance & repair, and more recently fiber-optic project. The group has implemented over 6500 greenfield and roof top sites including quick deployment solutions (48 hour turnaround) and environmental sites. The group has more than 60 teams for civil works and telecom installations.

  Solutions delivered

LOGIC transformed the business management into an integrated enterprise focusing on the whole supply chain of the group and engaging a robust system to increase overall business efficiency. By applying LOGIC transformation model frame work on the client’s diversified technologies which include transmission towers construction, steel galvanization and transformers succeeded to optimize all operational KPIs (Keep performance indicators) and achieve an outstanding customer satisfaction level in terms of quality and delivery time.

  Results achieved


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