News & Events
  DANONE iDo Business Process Re-engineering Project
  LOGIC  Operations Consulting has just started a project with DANONE Egypt to re-engineer business processes.
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  KRAFT Project Completion &Celebration
  LOGIC  Operations Consulting has celebrated the successful completion of Kraft National Suppliers Development Program (NSDP).
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  EEC Project Kick-Off
Engineering Enterprises Company (EEC) Total Productivity Management Project.
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  DALLAH Trans Arabia Integrated Management System
  With Nowadays challenging markets, every organization is seeking an Integrated Management system that ensure effectiveness and Quality throughout the whole system.
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  ELALAMEIN Printing Project Kick-Off
  LOGIC Operations Consulting started a new Lean journey with El-Alamein Printing CompanyEl-Alamein printing company chose LOGIC  consultants to start implementing the Lean thinking in its huge printing facility. The project kick-off meeting took place at El-Alamein Printing site with an introduction to the management team, where the management team played the LOGIC  value adding and non-value adding steps game.
  NAPCO Composite Packaging Technology Ltd.
  LOGIC  Operations Consulting is now having a new printing manufacturing challenge with Napco COMPACT to improve manufacturing effectiveness. LOGIC  is helping Compact to reduce change overtimes and implementing continuous improvement systems through lean thinking methods.
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LOGIC Clients
Client                        Industry                                             Solution
7 K Retail Market Research
ABA NGO Training
ABB Utilities Power & Automation Training
ABC Bank Banking Training
Abou Ghali Motors Retail Training
Aboul Fotouh Co. Automotive Consulting
Aboul Yazeed Automotive Consulting
Abu Dawood Retail Training
Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce Government Sector Consulting
Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry Government Sector Training
Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations (ADCO) Oil & Gas Training
Abu Dhabi Municipality Government Sector Consulting
Abu Dhabi Municipality & Agriculture Government Sector Consulting
Accor Tourism Training
ACWATAB (Arab Co. For Water Treatment & Bottling) Food & Beverage Consulting
ADCCI Government Sector Consulting
ADGAS Oil & Gas Training
ADNOC Distribution Oil & Gas Training
Advanced Computer Technology Information Technology Training
Afia Int l Manufacturing & Distribution Training
Al Asher Real Estate Training
Al Ahram for Packaging industry Printing & Packaging Consulting
Alamein Printing Printing & Packaging Consulting
Al Chark Insurance Co. Professional Services (Insurance) Training
Al Ezz Steel Rebars Co. Construction & Building Materials Training
Al Foah Dates Factory FMCG Consulting
Al Haram for engineering Industry Solutions Engineering Training
Al Watania Company for Broiler Production FMCG Training
Al Watania Company for Hatcheries FMCG Training
Al Watania for poultry processing FMCG Training
Al Yamamah College Education Training
Alawali ( Royal Trade ) Trading Training
Alcatel Telecommunications Training
Alef Advisory Financial Services Training
Alfa Electronics Engineering Training
Allianz Egypt Professional Services (Insurance) Training
Al-Masry Al-Youm Newspaper Professional Services Consulting
AlMokhtabar Professional Services (Healthcare) Training
Americana FMCG Market Research
Americana Group FMCG Market Research
Amr Helmy Designs Furniture Consulting
Applebee's Retail Training
Arab African International Bank Banking Training
Arab Dairy FMCG Training
Arabic Academy Education Training
Arabize For Computer Services Information Technology Training
ARAMCO Oil & Gas Training
Aramex Professional Services(Courier) Training
Archi Touch Interior Design (Retail) Training
ARDIC Real Estate Consulting
Arma Foods FMCG Training
Aromatic Ingredients FMCG Consulting
Arpu Telecommunication Services Telecommunications Training
Arzak El Kawthar Food & Beverage Consulting
ASEC Holding Construction & Building Materials Training
Astra Zeneca Pharmaceutical Training
Ayad Steel Steel manufacturing Consulting
AUC Education Training
B Tech Retail Market Research
Banque Du Caire Banking Training
Baraka Optics Retail Training
Barclays Bank Egypt Banking Training
Bashareya (Abu Dhabi HR Consulting Group) (Charity) NGO Training
Bavarian AutoGroup Automotive/Motor Vehicle/Parts Training
Bel FMCG Market Research
Belco Agriculture Consulting
Beltone Financials Professional Services (Finance) Training
Best Limo Professional Services (Car Hire) Training
Beyti FMCG Market Research
Beyti / Yoplait FMCG Market Research
BLOM Bank Banking Training
BMW Automotive Market Research
BNP Paribas Banking Training
Borouge Manufacturing Consulting
Borouge Productions Manufacturing and Production Training
BP Egypt Oil & Gas Training
BPB Placogips ( Egyptian Gypsum ) Building Materials Training
B-tech Retail Market Research
BUPA Insurance Training
Burooj Properties Real Estate Training
Cadbury FMCG Market Research
Cadbury Schweppes FMCG Market Research
Cairo For Frozen Industry Solutions FMCG Consulting
Canon Middle East Engineering Training
CAREER MIDEAST Professional Services Training
Cargill Trading Egypt Retail Training
Carmode Vehicle Co. Automotive Training
Cemex Construction & Building Materials Training
Ceramica Cleopatra Building Materials Training
Chevron Egypt Oil & Gas Training
Chipsy FMCG Market Research
Chloride Egypt Manufacturing and Production Consulting
Choice Retail Market Research
CIC Education Consulting
CIT Information Technology Training
Citex Information Technology Training
Citibank Banking Training
Citileasing Egypt SAE Professional Services Training
Clorox FMCG Market Research
Coca Cola FMCG Training
Commercial International Bank (CIB) Banking Training
Concrete Retail Market Research
Consukorra Engineering Training
Corona FMCG Market Research
Corplease Professional Services (Finance) Training
Crispy (International Natural Foods Company) FMCG Market Research
Daewoo Electronics Retail Market Research
Daimlerchrysler Automotive Training
Dalia el Shimi design Studio Interior Design (Retail) Training
Damco (Maersk Logistics) Professional Services (Shipping) Training
Danone - Dairy Egypt FMCG Training
Dar El-Hosary for Quran Professional Services Training
Delta Aromatic FMCG Training
Delta Textile Textiles Training
Deutch Egyptian company for Egg Pasteurization FMCG Consulting
Demerdash Pharmacy Retail Training
Devon Energy Egypt Companies Oil & Gas Training
DHL Professional Services(Courier) Training
Dina Farms Agriculture Consulting
Diwan Bookstore Professional Services Training
Domty FMCG Market Research
Dream- Unilever group FMCG Consulting
Dreem S.A.E. FMCG Training
ECC Construction & Building Materials Training
EGA Automotive/Motor Vehicle/Parts Training
EGTI (Siemens) Telecommunications Training
Egybelg FMCG Consulting
Egybel Building Materials Consulting
Egymed Professional Services(Equipment) Training
Egypt Financial Services Project Financial Services Training
Egypt Telecard Telecommunications Consulting
Egyptain German Automotive (EGA) Automotive/Motor Vehicle/Parts Training
Egyptian Cement Company Construction & Building Materials Training
Egyptian Drilling Co. Oil & Gas Training
Egyptian Geman Automotive Automotive/Motor Vehicle/Parts Training
Egyptian International Motors Automotive/Motor Vehicle/Parts Training
Egyptian Italian Company (EIC) Manufacturing and Production Training
Egyptian LNG Oil & Gas Training
Egyptian Marketing Consultants Consulting Services Training
EgyptNetwork Information Technology Training
EIDA Government Sector Consulting
Eitesal Telecommunications Training
EJB NGO Training
Ekhnaton Chemcial: Pharmaceuticals Consulting
El Haram Engineering Industry Solutions Co. Engineering Training
El Nile Tricot Company Textiles Training
El Rshidi El Mizan FMCG Training
El Semary Furniture Furniture Training
El Sewedy Engineering Training
El-Awael For Programs Professional Services Training
Elixir Consultancy Consultation Training
Emed Equipment Consulting
Emirates Identity Authority Government Sector Consulting
Emirates Steel Factory (EISF) Iron & Steel Consulting
Enppi Oil & Gas Training
Engineering Enterprises for Civil and Steel Constructions Engineering Consulting
EPM consultancy Professional Services(Consulting) Training
ERA Real Estate Training
Etisalat Telecommunications Market Research
Etisalat Misr Telecommunications Market Research
EVA Chemcial: Pharmaceuticals Consulting
Eva Cosmetics FMCG Market Research
eXtra Electronics Training
Exxon Mobil Oil & Gas Training
ExxonMobil (APSCO) Petrochemical Training
Ezalo Manufacturing and Production Consulting
FACT Real Estate Training
Family for Food Industry & Trading FMCG Training
Far East Travel & Tours Tourism Training
Fayum Gas Company Oil & Gas Training
Fastick label Printing Consulting
Fedex Express Professional Services(Courier) Training
Fertil Fertilisers Training
FGF NGO Training
Fine Manufacturing and Production Training
Fire Service Government Consulting
Flora Retail Market Research
Food & Fine Pastries Manufacturing Co. LTD. FMCG Training
Franke Kitchen Systems Egypt Manufacturing Training
FritoLay FMCG Training
Fromageries Bel FMCG Market Research
Gad Electric Engineering Consulting
GASCO Oil & Gas Training
Gemma Building Materials Market Research
General Holding Company Government Consulting
General Motors Automotive/Motor Vehicle/Parts Training
Giza System Information Technology Consulting
Giza System & Services Information Technology Training
Ghabourr Auto –Hyundai  Motors Automotive Consulting
Ghabour Auto-Volvo Bus Automotive Consulting
Glaxo Smithkline Pharmaceutical Training
Global Direct TV Showtime Professional Services Training
GM African Operations Automotive Training
GMC Manufacturing and Production Training
Golden State Foods Egypt FMCG Training
Goldentex Textiles Training
Green Hills Real Estate Consulting
Green Valley Real Estate Consulting
Halawani Brothers FMCG Market Research
Halliburton Oil & Gas Training
Harvest Foods Food & Beverage Consulting
Hayat Water FMCG Market Research
Heliopolis Company for Apparel Industry Solutions Textiles Training
Henkel Polybit Egypt FMCG Training
Hidada (One of Xenel's group of companies) Construction Consulting
High Technology System LTD Information Technology Training
Hit Creative Professional Services (Advertising) Training
Hi-Teck Nofal Information Technology Consulting
Horreya Group Food & Beverage Consulting
Household Cleaning Products Co.(Clorox) FMCG Training
HSBC Bank Egypt Banking Training
Huawei Technologies Telecommunications Training
Ideal White Goods Consulting
IGI Group Manufacturing and Production Consulting
IMC Government Consulting
Impact BBDO Professional Services (Advertising) Training
Interagro Agriculture Consulting
International Home Appliances - Bahgat Group White Goods Training
International personal banker Banking Training
International Trad & Agencies Trading Training
Internet Egypt Information Technology Training
Intertec (International Company for Electronics) Electronics Consulting
IPP Printing & Packaging Consulting
IT Worx Information Technology Training
ITIDA Government Training
Johnson & Johnson Cosmetics Training
Johnson and Johnson Chemical: Personal care Consulting
Johnson Wax Cosmetics Training
Juhayna FMCG Market Research
Kadmar for Shipping Shipping Consulting
Kandil Industry Solutions Manufacturing and Production Training
Kandil Steel Complex Construction & Building Materials Training
Kapci Coatings Chemcial: Paints Consulting
Kian Retail Training
Kobusch Packaging Egypt Manufacturing and Production Training
Kraft NSDP FMCG Consulting
Kraft FMCG Training
Kuwait Food Company (Americana) FMCG Training
Lazurde Egypt Jewellery Training
Lead Marketing Professional Services (Advertising) Training
leather home Leather Training
leo Burnett Advertising Training
Leoni Engineering Training
LG Electronics Retail Market Research
LinkdotNET Information Technology Training
Lovely Retail Consulting
Maersk Logistics Professional Services (Shipping) Training
Maghrabi Optics Retail Training
Mansour Automotive Retail Training
Manufacturing & Trading in printing supplies Manufacturing and Production Training
Masterfoods FMCG Training
McDonalds Retail Training
MCS (Modern Computing Services) Information Technology Training
MCV Automotive Training
Medhat El Kaissy Vineyards Agriculture Training
Meet Information Technology Training
Mena for touristic& real estate investment Tourism Training
Mena House Oberoi Tourism Training
Menatel (Pay-phones) Telecommunications Market Research
Mentor Graphics Information Technology Training
Mercedes-Benz MCV Automotive Training
Metro Markets Retail Training
MGM Manufacturing and Production Training
MiBank(National Societe General Bank) Banking Training
Microsoft Information Technology Market Research
Microsoft Information Technology Training
Ministry of Foreign Trade & Industry Government Training
Ministry of Health Government Training
Mint Retail Consulting
Mintra Manufacturing Training
Misr International Plastic Company Plastic Consulting
Misr Glass Manufacturing Manufacturing and Production Training
Misr International University Education Consulting
MN Group Food & Beverage Consulting
Mobica Furniture Training
Mobily Telecommunications Training
MobiNil Telecommunications Training
Modern Bakeries FMCG Training
Momen Retail Training
MOMO Retail Market Research
Morinella Retail Training
Motorola Telecommunications Training
MTC Kuwait Telecommunications Training
My Way Egypt Retail Training
Naela Mazhar Retail Consulting
Nahdet El Mahrousa NGO Training
Narmer American College Professional Services Training
National Company for Development & Trading Trading Training
National Societe General Bank Banking Training
National Telecom Cards Company Telecommunications Training
National Telecom Regulatory Authority Telecommunications Training
NATPACK Manufacturing and Production Training
Nestle FMCG Market Research
Networks Valley Information Technology Training
New Cairo British Int'l School Education Consulting
New Horizons Professional Services Training
New Vision International Schools Professional Services Training
Nile Telecom Telecommunications Consulting
Nokia Telecommunications Market Research
Noon –for Printing Printing & Packaging Consulting
Norwood Can Co. Manufacturing and Production Training
Novartis Egypt Healthcare Pharmaceutical Training
NTCC Information Technology Training
NTCC Muftah Alzero (Prepaid calling cards) Telecommunications Market Research
Nugul Group (Fine) Manufacturing and Production Consulting
Olympic Group Manufacturing Consulting
Olympic Stores Manufacturing and Production Consulting
Onyx Professional Services (Finance) Training
Oracle Information Technology Training
Orascom Construction Industry Solutions Construction & Building Materials Training
Orascom Hotels & Developmment Real Estate Training
Orascom Telecom Holding Telecommunications Training
Oriflame Retail Training
Orphan Organization - Qatar (Charity) NGO Training
Osool ESB Financial Services Training
P&G FMCG Training
Pachin Paints Market Research
Palmer's Chemical: Personal care Consulting
Parfico Chemical: Personal care Consulting
Pepsico Int l (incl. FritoLay) FMCG Market Research
Pepsico Intl. FMCG Training
Pepsi-Cola FMCG Market Research
Peugeot Retail Training
Pfizer Pharmaceutical Training
Philips Egypt Electronics Training
Pico Energy Professional Services Training
PICO Engineering Engineering Training
Piraeus Bank - Egypt Banking Training
Pirelli Manufacturing and Production Training
Plan International NGO Consulting
Plan Int l NGO Training
Premium Int'l for Credit Services Professional Services Training
Presidency of Civil Aviation Government Consulting
PriceWaterhouseCoopers Professional Services(Consulting) Training
Prosylab Information and Communication System Information Technology Training
Protech Telecommunications Consulting
Qatar National Import & Export Co. Trading Training
QuadraTech for Information Technology Information Technology Training
Ramsis Hilton Tourism Training
Raya Telecommunications Consulting
Raya Telecommunications Market Research
Raya Academy Telecommunications Training
Raya Contact Center Telecommunications Training
Raya Distribution Telecommunications Consulting
Raya Holding Telecommunications Consulting
RAYA Holdings Telecommunications Market Research
Raya Integration Telecommunications Training
Raya Management Momentum Telecommunications Training
Raya Networks Services Information Technology Training
Raya Retail Retail Training
Raya Software Information Technology Training
Raya Telecom Telecommunications Consulting
Raya(Oratec Info. Technology) Telecommunications Training
Reckitt Benckiser Egypt Ltd. FMCG Training
Royal Chemicals Chemicals Consulting
Royal Pack FMCG Consulting
SADKO Plastic Consulting
Safi Danone FMCG Training
Sahm Group Information Technology Training
Sama Advanced Technologies Information Technology Training
Samaco Automotive Training
Samcrete Egypt Engineers&Contractors Engineering Training
Sanafi Aventis Pharmaceutical Training
Sanofi Aventis Pharmaceutical Training
Sarwat Retail Consulting
Saudi American Bank (SAMBA) Banking Training
Saudi German Hospital Health Training
Saudi Redymix Concrete Training
Saudi Telecom Company Telecommunications Training
Savola FMCG Training
Savola Sime Egypt FMCG Training
SCCT Professional Services (Shipping) Training
Schindler Engineering Training
Schlumberger Oil & Gas Market Research
Schneider Electric Engineering Training
SCIB Chemical Paints Training
SeaGas Oil & Gas Training
Seaharvest-Oil Services Oil & Gas Training
Sekem Agriculture Consulting
Sekem Group Agriculture / FMCG Training
Seoudi Supermarkets Retail Consulting
Seven K Retail Consulting
Sewedy Foods Food & Beverage Consulting
Shalakany law Office Professional Services (Law) Training
Sharkeya FMCG Market Research
Sharkeya Poultry Food & Beverage Consulting
Shell Egypt Oil & Gas Training
Shiaka Fashion Consulting
Showtime Professional Services (Media) Training
Sidhom & Co. Engineering Training
Siemens Limited Telecommunications Training
Sinai Company for Touristic Development Real Estate Consulting
Sipco Manufacturing Training
Snam Chemicals Consulting
Sofipetrol - Sofico Oil & Gas Training
SONY Retail Market Research
Spacetel Telecommunications Training
Spanish Egyptian Gas Co.( SEGAS - Union Fenosa ) Oil & Gas Training
Specialized Factory for Steel Products Construction & Building Materials Training
Square Creations Professional Services (Advertising) Training
Star Net Information Technology Market Research
Starnet Information Technology Market Research
Starnet-PDN Information Technology Consulting
Suez Canal Container Professional Services (Shipping) Training
Suez Cement Construction & Building Materials Market Research
Swiss Garments Textiles Training
System Techniques Chemicals Training
T3A Pharma Pharmaceutical Training
Tanta Motors Automotive/Motor Vehicle/Parts Training
TE Data Information Technology Training
Technogreen Agriculture Training
The Egyptian Junior Business Association NGO Training
The Egyptian Swiss Chemical Industry Solutions Co. Chemicals Training
The National Investor Finance and Banking Consulting
Total Egypt Oil & Gas Training
Touristic Investment Company (TICO) Tourism Training
Trane Air Conditions Engineering Market Research
Trane S.A.E Engineering Training
Unilever  NSDP FMCG Consulting
UAE university Education Training
Unilever Mashreq FMCG Training
Union Group Telecommunications Consulting
United Industry Solutions ElSewedy Manufacturing and Production Training
United Sugar Company Manufacturing Training
Universal for packaging Manufacturing and Production Training
Vodafone Telecommunications Market Research
Vogue (Misr Company for Elegant Manufacturing) Manufacturing Consulting
Wadi Holding FMCG Training
Wafa Chemical Chemicals Training
Xceed Contact Center Telecommunications Training
Xenel Diversified Consulting
York Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Ltd Engineering Training
ZADCO Oil & Gas Training
Zaki El Sewedy Group (IMC) Manufacturing and Production Training
Zedny NGO Training
(I.P.P) printing and packaging Consulting
Alexandria Detergents and Chemicals company (ADCO) chemicals Consulting
Aromatic ingredients FMCG Consulting
Dallah Trans Arabia Professional Services Consulting
DANONE - Dairy Egypt FMCG Consulting
Egyptian Pasteurized Egg Products E.P.E.C food Industry Solutions Consulting
M.I.P.C.O plastics Plastics Consulting
NAPCO printing and packaging Consulting
Pan Gulf plastics Plastics Consulting
Sadko Plastics Consulting
Shorouk for modern printing and packaging printing and packaging Consulting
Unilever Mashreq FMCG Consulting


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