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  LOGIC Operations Consulting focuses on delivering impactful solid industry solutions.

Each industry has its own operational performance considerations.

Our industry specialists leverage expertise gained through functional responsibilities as well as rich consulting experience.

This enables LOGIC to not only bring best practice solutions to our clients, our teams are able to leverage hands-on, practical experience to ensure each organization's unique value proposition is preserved and enriched.

Our impact is solid.The proof of our value is clear.
  Industry Solutions
    Consumer Goods & Services Transformation Solution
    Consumer Goods industry in the middle east and africa is evolving rapidly, such as those in the GCC, accordingly consumer companies are accelerating their investment in emerging markets in the middle east and africa.
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    Printing and Packaging Transformation Solution
    The Regional packaging industry turnover is around $100 billion, with packaging container sales accounting for the major part and packaging machinery sales estimated around $7 billion.
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    Steel Transformation Solution
    The background to today’s steel industry profitability and record output are in contrast to years of financial returns.
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    Plastic Transformation Solution
    The world needs plastic packaging to provide a wide range of products for consumers and business around the world and to facilitate global free trade, a prerequisite for countries to develop and increase their standard of living.
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    Automotive Transformation Solution
    In many economies the automotive sector accounts for a large share of jobs, gross domestic product (GDP), exports, spending on research and development (R&D), trade surplus, and technology innovation.                     
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    Telecommunications Transformation Solution
    Telecom operators in the Middle East are expected to expand their activities and accelerate rapidly.
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    Public Service & Government Transformation Solutions
    Public service and government is the most important industry that attaches and touches the daily human requirements and impact their life standards and stablity
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