At LOGIC Operations Consulting, our engagements deploy strategic business objectives, specifically designed to our client's unique value proposition and needs. We work in accordance with you business priorities, offering customized solutions which are guaranteed to provide sustained benefits, embedded culture change and sustainably healthy cost structures. All of our assignments are focused on how to improve your bottom line. We work hand in hand with your people – from executive to middle management to employee / shop floor and transfer our know-how and hands-on experience. This enables us to ensure that we successfully implement the required changes to your business and facilitate ongoing operational improvements.

Our experience and achievements have enabled us to develop a consistent, structured approach to delivering our services.

LOGIC Operations Consulting believes that a solid approach is critical to achieving the exceptional consulting experience which we guarantee to all our clients. As a leader in our industry, we apply well-defined, methodical approaches to analyzing business problems and designing solutions to directly address the specific requirements of our clients... helping them achieve the business results they are seeking.

Our approach defines how we will utilize our:

  Know-How, leveraging the best of
     our people, partners and

applying best practice      and proven techniques and tools

  Results, to ensure clear measures
     and outcomes are defined and

Our approach ensures that we consistently and effectively deliver on the bottom line.

To explore how LOGIC Operations Consulting can help your organization to achieve better performance, lasting quality improvements and tangible results against your bottom line, please contact our offices and we would be happy to explore the best solution to your business challenges.
Development Phase
  In the Development phase, our objective is to finalize the project and implement a sustainable continuous improvement system.

We will deliver training and certification for employees as agreed with the client and perform all handover activities in cooperation with the client.

The project is closed and an evaluation of the entire program is carried conducted.

This not only addresses the fundamentals of project delivery, it defines our professional recommendations for further activities that may be performed.

The final report will outline the agreed KPIs, targets and achievements.

An exit strategy with strategic recommendations, actions and budgets is provided.Lessons learned are documented along with thoughts for how each party could collaborate for further successful projects.

The primary deliverables of this phase are:

   Well-trained and certified employees
  Final reports including all lessons learned and watch-outs
  Continuous Improvement Roadmap and Future Plan

A post-deployment visit is scheduled at the three month mark, meant to follow up on performance and to emphasize consistency and success.


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