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  We have functional expertise in nearly every aspect of the Printing & Packaging  value chain including different technologies imbedded in the industry such as rotary and offset printing, die cutting , lamination ,slitting..etc, design-for-cost, practical manufacturing design, strategic sourcing, supply chain management, lean manufacturing and strategy execution.

LOGIC   implemented its own enterprise transformation model creating clear visibility of changes for clients in this industry. Business processes requiring redesign or creation were addressed by design teams, represented by thought leaders from the client and LOGIC  consultants improving cycle times, quality , eliminating non value added activities and work in process. Change action teams (CAT) were created for the clients, which act as catalyst for implementing and getting the required commitment. An education and training programs were implemented and run in parallel with the consulting solution.

  Printing and Packaging Transformation Solution
      Industry overview

For almost every type of industry, packaging is a pre-requisite without which most consumer goods cannot be delivered. Whether we are dealing with edible items, cosmetics, healthcare or surgical products, packaging is essential. The usage of packing material is growing widely and Middle East is no exception. The packaging industry in the region accounts for the business of $100 billion where the packaging container sales and machinery sales takes a lion’s share by providing the business of around $7 billion.

Although, the growth of packaging shows rising trends with improved standard of living, there are certain factors that can create obstacles for the development of this industry. At the end of the day, the true value of a packaged good is derived from its price. When its overall cost of a product plus packaging is reasonable only then its sales will be able to generate the expected revenue. Moreover, the packaging must be user-friendly and must contain relevant product description or details. the most important feature in a good packaging is that it protects its contents from any external damage.

  Case study

  Client information

One of the biggest regional Printing and Packaging companies producing a wide range of different products such as books ,magazines ,packaging boxes, paper box & bag , food packaging, cosmetics packaging ,medical packaging ,electronics packaging, industrial & specialty packaging was aiming to be transformed into a total integrated enterprise to increase business efficiency and optimize  operational cost bottom line facing the aggressive competition of the far east products.

  Solutions delivered

LOGIC improved the capabilities of the enterprise, deepening the understanding of Lean methods and expanding it throughout all business operations.LOGIC consultants developed robust, new product introduction processes, reducing the time from concept to customer, delivering the new product to the customer at or below design cost and at the agreed project completion date.

LOGIC developed the corporate strategy and business plan.LOGIC consultants developed a process to cascade the objectives throughout the organization and develop a performance management system to align all employees to the corporate strategy.LOGIC restructured the organization from a highly efficient departmental, vertically structured business to a highly effective horizontally structured value stream based organization.  Introduce value stream managers with responsibility for the efficiency of the whole value stream as well as producing the product. LOGIC developed an integrated management system, combining the ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 (OHSAS 18001 & ISO 22000 where required) into one system, merging the procedures, internal audits and management reviews to combined actions rather than individual actions for all of the systems.

  Results achieved



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