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Sometimes, the market conditions and demand change so drastically that companies need to implement improvement methodologies across all operations in a short period of time while adapting their products or developing new ones to keep in line with customer demand.

This effort or rebuilding and redefining is a challange that few companies have successfully accomplished.

Even if the company has implemented manufacturing excellence methodologies and improved supply chain efforts and even if the company has prior information and experience in these kinds of efforts, an outsider is the best and only way to identify areas of opportunity.

As well as work across the organisation to bring each and every element of the organisation to the same level of efficiency, all the while redefining their aims and focus.

Have a good look around your business processes and systems in various departments of your company. The process or systems employed to manage sales, inventory, scheduling, and financial performance;

  Are they aligned to drive success for
   your organization?
  Or are they gathering information
   from various databases to view your
   organization’s performance in the big
  Are those processes and systems
   providing opportunities you can
   capitalize on?

If all these questions are not answered in affirmation, your organization needs serious help. Viewing across the board, you will find the present economic pressure is forcing most organizations to give better output with less resources or investment. This is where LOGIC Operations Consultants can help. We can assist you streamline core business systems and processes
  Lean Manufacturing
    In the wake of industrialization, due to increased competition, manufacturers have found it hard to enjoy high profit margins. However in the world of online shopping, and global manufacturing competition is tougher than ever before. Ease of access and globalization, as well as highly improved technology, the profit margins are even harder to maintain.

Manufacturing excellence efforts have also a big impact on improving employee productivity, enabling them to be more initiative, improving communication and coordination between production and the support systems like maintenance and supply chain management.

These efforts often times start a wave of change that focuses on improvement and high productivity, extrapolating the lessons learned from production to offices. It is not uncommon that companies that have improved their manufacturing efforts to use the same principles in all other business aspects.

Businesses dealing with product manufacture can never be certain of market trends. Since there are no hard and fast rules or one-point formulas, staying competitive and acquiring customers in business is a daunting task. Being a business owner, if you aim to achieve success in manufacturing business, consider this precise formula for manufacturing excellence:

  Manufacturing the correct product range
  In appropriate amounts
  Within the right time limit
  At an acceptable quality
  At a price the customer can or is willing to pay
  In a manner that proves profitable

Manufacturing the right products/product range seems simple enough to achieve but in reality this is the most difficult challenge that manufacturers face almost every day. Sometimes, a manufacturing firm has to manage production for specific orders while at times their production is based on forecasted orders. The demand for your product can be influenced by cyclical, seasonal trends or determined by market variation. To attain manufacturing excellence, you must make sure that the product is not in excess or falls short of demand.

In appropriate amounts – the right proportion of products to be manufactured must be determined prior to the manufacturing process. Even when a company knows the amount of product units required for fulfilling the order, it’s still difficult to decide the production amount for each day. LOGIC can help you attain manufacturing excellence by creating a precise roadmap for you.

Within the right time limit – usually a time limit is provided for completing an order that spans from a week to few months. However, the surrounding competition and market trend forces the manufacturers to provide a specific date and time and then stick to it.

At an acceptable quality –first of all the manufacturer must be aware of what quality means and who decides whether the quality of a product is acceptable. You can go on to invest on improving quality standards but the customers will only use the product that’s of real value to them. Therefore quality below market expectation will cause reduced sales whereas quality above expectation will be a waste of money and resources. We can help you achieve a breakeven point.

At a price the customer can or is willing to pay – when all other factors for influencing the price of a product remain constant, the willingness of the customer to pay a price will influence manufacturing excellence. Gone are the days when manufacturers priced a product according to how much it took to make it. Today, product pricing is influenced by market forces. We can help you implement strategies to reduce manufacturing cost so that the products can be priced from market survey and still generate good profit for your organization.

In a manner that proves profitable- when all the above points are achieved, your organization is close to achieving manufacturing excellence. What you need is constant check and balance and profits that meets your sustainability goals. LOGIC Operations Consulting can provide practical models that will enable your organization to achieve these six points of manufacturing excellence.


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