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  Sometimes, the market conditions and demand change so drastically that companies need to implement improvement methodologies across all operations in a short period of time while adapting their products or developing new ones to keep in line with customer demand.

This effort or rebuilding and redefining is a challange that few companies have successfully accomplished.

Even if the company has implemented manufacturing excellence methodologies and improved supply chain efforts and even if the company has prior information and experience in these kinds of efforts, an outsider is the best and only way to identify areas of opportunity.

As well as work across the organisation to bring each and every element of the organisation to the same level of efficiency, all the while redefining their aims and focus.

Have a good look around your business processes and systems in various departments of your company. The process or systems employed to manage sales, inventory, scheduling, and financial performance;

  Are they aligned to drive success for
   your organization?
  Or are they gathering information
   from various databases to view your
   organization’s performance in the big
  Are those processes and systems
   providing opportunities you can
   capitalize on?

If all these questions are not answered in affirmation, your organization needs serious help. Viewing across the board, you will find the present economic pressure is forcing most organizations to give better output with less resources or investment. This is where LOGIC Operations Consultants can help. We can assist you streamline core business systems and processes
  Project Management Office (PMO)
    Management of a project that is complex and costly requires expertise. Precise execution of the project roadmap is essential to keeping in line with the budget, timeline and the project targets. Management of the overall project necessitates constant supervision of the monetary and the human resources, the integration of milestones within the schedule and orchestration of the work required to reach those milestones and risk analysis and management throughout the project.

One mistake overlooked, one risk left uncalculated and unprepared for may cause severe problems that result in schedule delays, budget expansion and may even cause a necessity to lower the targets.LOGIC ’s Project Management Office will be the strategic partner needed to reach your project targets with the allocated resources by preventing problems, minimizing risks and eliminating surprises.

With our experience in production, public sector and services industry, and our focus on quality, productivity, cost and delivery, we are able to provide precise management for your projects of any size and complexity.
Most of the organizations spend a lot of their efforts to establish project management office that can provide strategic initiatives to the organization.

A project management office acts like a department to maintain the overall systems and processes of an organization. However it’s easily said than done. The initiatives from project management office will span all the departments of an organization and are often quite complicated to be implemented.

These projects from PMO will hugely involve three domains including Technology, Support and Commercial. Now it’s a big challenge for company executives to hire professionals who can take the helm of responsibility and deliver the strategic results. Besides precise execution of any project, the PMO experts will also be responsible for constant supervision. If one mistake goes unchecked or any risk remains uncalculated, a heap of backlog will be generated that will cause unnecessary target delays. With LOGIC project management plan, you will be able to accomplish your project targets nice and easy within limited resources and without many risks.

Building a PMO Every organization whether a new firm or an established company will always want to reduce operating cost and improve productivity and performance which is the reason why every business seeks new projects. LOGIC PMO is geared to manage any diverse project while taking into account your resources, technology and people. Companies trying to establish their own PMO have a high risk of failure.

However, we offer a more centralized solution for the management of big and intricate processes. No matter what project we are handling, the three areas of projects that we will always cover includes:


Let’s start with planning- the most important tool to analyze the risks lying ahead and calculate their impact on your business.With our practical solutions, your organization will be able to tackle risks and take the organization forward. Moreover, we provide a complete plan for the execution of your project according to the available resources, time and funds. We make certain that your organization is able to achieve smooth execution by managing several teams working in parallel.

After a successful coordination and staying motivated to the targets, you will be able to execute your plans with ease. Obviously, this requires you to implement the most appropriate methodology for each project. Our firm can manage your projects in:

    Organizational change
    Process improvement
    System’s integration
    Cost reduction
    New product development
    Vendor management
    Manufacturing facility operations


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