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  Sometimes, the market conditions and demand change so drastically that companies need to implement improvement methodologies across all operations in a short period of time while adapting their products or developing new ones to keep in line with customer demand.

This effort or rebuilding and redefining is a challange that few companies have successfully accomplished.

Even if the company has implemented manufacturing excellence methodologies and improved supply chain efforts and even if the company has prior information and experience in these kinds of efforts, an outsider is the best and only way to identify areas of opportunity.

As well as work across the organisation to bring each and every element of the organisation to the same level of efficiency, all the while redefining their aims and focus.

Have a good look around your business processes and systems in various departments of your company. The process or systems employed to manage sales, inventory, scheduling, and financial performance;

  Are they aligned to drive success for
   your organization?
  Or are they gathering information
   from various databases to view your
   organization’s performance in the big
  Are those processes and systems
   providing opportunities you can
   capitalize on?

If all these questions are not answered in affirmation, your organization needs serious help. Viewing across the board, you will find the present economic pressure is forcing most organizations to give better output with less resources or investment. This is where LOGIC Operations Consultants can help. We can assist you streamline core business systems and processes
  Supply Chain Optimization
  Every organization aims to achieve predictability so that they can be certain about what’s coming and when it will arrive. The problem is that the systems designed for forecasting demand driven replenishment fail to recognize disruptions. Therefore the arising unpredictability causes supply chain management difficulties and that happens with just about every organization dealing with product supplier, distributor, retailer and customer.

We can bring predictability to your supply chain by bringing consistency to the product, location and customer master data that is used by you, your partners and/or suppliers throughout the world. We provide a unique advantage to the companies in supplier industry by providing vendor-agnostic solutions. LOGIC Operations Consulting has the right strategies to connect your planning, ERP, Inventory and accounting systems. At the end of the day, you will get better visibility and predictability to optimize your supply chain.

Supply chain optimization allows you to take sound decisions for your business in the face of complexity. We offer an integrated business management process that will enable your company to maintain a balance between supply and demand such that your business objectives can be achieved.

LOGIC Operations Consulting conducted a survey about market leaders, industries and companies and this is what we found:

   Most of the organizations lack the metrics for supply chain optimization
    either partially or completely
   More companies are now beginning to collaborate with their venders and
    suppliers to improve supply chain optimization
   For some of the organization, the analysis of point-of-sale data is vital for
    effective sales

Change is necessary but risky

Without planned changes, your business can miss some of the unique opportunities to acclimatize according to the evolving business environment. Eventually, your business will see a downward trend. However change in business can be tamed if you have aimed for supply change optimization. If done correctly, you can implement changes in your business that goes down to improve your bottom line.

LOGIC Operations Consulting offers a detailed plan of action for all its clients. Our analysis report or deliverable will cover all sections of supply chain including the processes of planning, purchasing, manufacturing and distribution. Subsequent to the implementation of our suggested changes, our team will identify any further opportunities of improvement.  We redesign your business processes suggesting solutions at each stage with the following methodology:

   Creating teams to link clients with suppliers and provide effective
    coordination between them
   Balancing and customizing the supply chain according to the demands to
    improve business performance and yield better profits
   Conduct aggregate planning for the optimization of resources
   Align facility strategies to optimize flow or resources, increase productivity
    from the same amount of labor, and optimize handling of materials


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