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  LOGIC  provided a human resource infrastructure for clients which is fully integrated through a customized competency model that ensures the efficiency of the human resource value chain.

LOGIC  implemented tools to improve productivity, manage core process redesign, and reduce complexity, bundled with advice and on-site support for implementing operational changes together with a total business transformation program, including purchasing and supply management.

LOGIC  implemented a benchmarking exercise for the clients in this industry based on world class manufacturing in order to define the criteria of developments.

Benchmarking is implemented against perfection in terms of quality, cost , productivity and delivery thus the maximum possible performance improvement against the client’s current state is achieved

  Steel Transformation Solution
      Industry overview

There have been some very beneficial fiscal years in the past when it comes to steel industry. Opportunities in this industry are innumerate but insurmountable challenges are the biggest impediment to the prolific growth of this sector. Moreover, the Middle East steel industry is going through some considerable changes at the moment which involves reorganization or change of managerial posts, redevelopment of the recruitment process, installation of newer technologies. All these changes have created great challenges for the growth of this industry.

  Case study

  Client information.

Steel Manufacturing Group, founded in 1973 as part of the first private steel mill sector in the middle east, now having over thirty years of experience. The group has carved out a niche in the international markets based on the quality of its products, speed of delivery price and the exceptional customer service. A large billet sheer, a 30 tonne per hour push beam gas powered furnace, a three high mill, a two high (two stand single pass) mill, a flying sheer, an eight stand (six horizontal, two vertical) finishing stand mill, a flying sheer, a walking beam cooling bed, a final sheer, on and off line straightening facility, a bundling machine and a finished goods area. The company had a strategic challenge in conquering new markets and achieving growth targets but the company’s culture hindered such improvement.

  Solutions delivered

LOGIC transformed the whole business by elevating the employees skills and competencies through a culture change program enhancing employee / shop floor efficiency by sharing more initiatives and ideas with the middle and senior management team . SDT (Self-directed teams) were created to manage their own work place KPIs (key performance indicators) and achieving their strategic objectives cascaded from the cooperate strategy. Lean manufacturing optimization tools are implemented improving productivity and quality performance concepts in addition to advanced quality planning implementation including six sigma ,failure mode and effect analyses together with control plans.

  Results achieved



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